Treatments and devices


  1. Facial treatments (with radiofequency, interference, ultrasound devices with personalized active ingredients)
    • Facial cleaning 60 minutes (adult): peeling, softening and nourishing massages, steam, extraction, mask
    • Facial cleaning 50 minutes (student): peeling, steam, extraction, mask
    • Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle treatment
    • Eye care
    • Moisturizing
  2. Neck and decoltage treatment (Radiofrequency, interference)
  3. Body treatments (cellulite, fat burning treatments with radiofrequency, interference, magnetiser machines)
  4. Relaxing treatments (with magnetiser machine)
  5. Waxing
  6. Dying (eyelashes, eyebrows)
  7. Massage which detoxifies

Active ingredients: 100% natural ingredients

Cosmetic devices

1. Radiofrequency

Effects on the skin:
• increases metabolism
• aids absorption of active agent
• exercises both muscles and cells
• promotes formation and suppleness of collagen and elastin fibres
• smoothes wrinkles
• promotes weight loss
• firms skin

The radiofequency treatment is a new type of treatment, it gives an immediate, visible result.Through its use, we can achieve improved circulation and better metabolism, whilst its regular usage stimulates the working of fibroblasts and reduces the amount of unwanted fat. It is perfect for cellulite treatments as well.

2. Skint tightening device with interference

Effects on the skin:
• skin tightening
• increases metabolism
• helps the absorption of active ingredients
• promotes formation and suppleness of collagen and elastin fibres
• smoothes wrinkles

3. Ultrasound

Helps the absorption of active ingredients, firms skin, improves elasticity, regenerating

4. Magnetiser

Effects on the skin:
• improves lymph circulation
• detoxifies
• reduces swellings and oedema
• exercises muscles
• sooths
• relaxes
• firms

It may be used with or without active ingredients.